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Standard Terms of Purchase for Goods


> GE Energy Standard Terms Of Purchase Rev. H (PDF)

> GE Energy Australia & New Zealand Standard Terms of Purchase Rev. H (PDF)

> GE Energy Brazil Standard Terms Of Purchase Rev. H (PDF)

> GE Energy Canada Terms Of Purchase Rev. H (PDF)

> GE Energy China International Terms Of Purchase Rev. H (PDF)

> GE Energy Europe Terms Of Purchase Rev. H (PDF)

> GE Energy France Terms Of Purchase Rev. H (PDF)

> GE Energy German & Austrian Terms Of Purchase Rev. H (PDF)

> Supplier Integrity Guide

> GE Employee Data Protection Standards


Supplier Responsibility Guidelines (GE Corporate SRG Information)


> Supplier Expectations

> Supplier Integrity Guide

> SRG Brochure

> SRG On-Site & KPI Assessments

Note: Above documents are considered uncontrolled. Suppliers must contact GE SQEs to confirm latest revision if needed.


Supplier Diversity


Supplier Registration/ Diversity Form – Click here to fill the form and send to


Supplier Collaboration - Intelligent Platforms - Salem Control


> PLM SDX Training – Video

> PLM SDX Supplier user guide

> SDX - SSO Email update instruction

General Access request/Workflow

> Single Sign On (SSO) Registration Instructions

Supplier Invoicing Payments Guide

> Supplier's Guide to Payments


EM Supplier Procedure


> 105X1009 Rev6 - Electronic Quality Requirement Technical Spec

> EM – SRC - 0002 - Supplier Quality Requirements

> EM – SRC - 0003 - Non-Destructive Test (NDT) and Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Requirements

> EM – SRC – 0004 - Weldment Visual Inspection Requirements

> EM – SRC - 0005 - Marking, Packaging, Preservation, and Shipping Requirements


Supplier Documents


> Product Quality Plan (PQP) and  Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) Example

> Characteristics, Accountability, & Verification (CAV) Plan Example




Industrial Solutions (North America & Puerto Rico only)

General Industrial Solutions Transportation Contact List

Critical Power Transportation Contact List


Digital Energy

Standard PO Logistic Instructions

Digital Energy Site Contact List


Power Conversion

Power Conversion Site Contact List


Intelligent Platforms

Global Express Guide

International Inbound Routing Process for Asia