What we do

Downtime is not an option when depending on digital assets 24/7. At GE Energy Connections we work to power up mission critical applications by ensuring electricity continuity for government facilities, airports, universities, homes, shopping malls, theatres and any commercial environment. From power switching control, generator synchronization management and low-voltage switchgear, to power quality analysis and remote diagnostics, our solutions provide clean, reliable power to meet the industry's need to boost efficiency and productivity while proactively maintaining uptime for mission critical applications.

Our Solutions for Commercial

Our Business in Commercial

Our advanced technologies coupled with system design capabilities contribute to protecting and controlling the distribution of electricity throughout any facility infrastructure be it home, school, office, shopping mall, theater or stadium. Our clean, smart, highly efficient solutions are designed to maximize facility uptime, provide advanced notice of any anomaly to ensure protection while minimizing electrical distribution dangers, offering safety and reliability. To view an infographic of our technologies in action click here.

Our product portfolio for electrical distribution:

Switchboards Panel boards
Switchgear Circuit breakers
Transformers Safety Switches

Our product portfolio for drives and controls environment

Motor Control Centers Drives
Starters Lighting Contactors

Our product portfolio for smart meters

Smart Metering  


Critical Commercial

Critical facilities such as airports, government facilities, universities and commercial campuses, all require secure, reliable power backed up by emergency systems. Our solution portfolio serves any network requirement and allows for reliability, enhancement and longevity of the power system. From enabling high efficiency to the analysis and diagnostics of critical power, Energy Connections offers solutions for power switching control and generator synchronization management, to allow a steady flow of electricity for our customers who need it most. To view our Solution Explorer click here .

Our solutions and systems:

Power Quality Solutions Energy Connections Systems
Smart Meters Power Meters