What we do

Data centers, and the information they store, are becoming more and more integral to the way we live our lives every day. The information in these centers must remain secure and accessible at all times.

Our portfolio of data center solutions is uniquely designed to ensure clean, uninterrupted power while creating greater operating efficiency. The results: A power supply you can count on to keep information secure and available at all times, while also reducing your facility's energy demand.

Our Solutions for Data Centers

Grid Solutions provides data centers with solutions for remote monitoring energy connections, enabling users to remotely monitor operations when away from the facility.

Industrial Solutions brings to data centers a wide array of products aimed at minimizing downtime, improving efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of high energy demand. Solutions range from uninterruptible power supplies to switchgear, switchboards, surge protection, variable frequency drives and solar power.

Oil and Gas

Our proven solutions provide a comprehensive approach for your data centers to drive zero unplanned downtime. We integrate high availability control, visualization, and analytics for your essential applications and processes, delivering utmost system reliability and availability.