What we do

Providing critical power for medical providers: Medical centers are aware that downtime caused by electrical outages can interfere with patient care and result in lost productivity and higher cost.

With more than 100 years of experience providing electrical power to hospitals, we have established a solutions portfolio aimed at providing safe, efficient and reliable power to the critical infrastructure within healthcare facilities. We are able to integrate our solutions via a broad and focused product offering, including the service and maintenance required by medical centers to optimize their electrical systems.

Our Solutions for Healthcare

Hospitals, clinics and trauma centers don't have the luxury of downtime. Our portfolio is designed with that specific challenge in mind. Our remote monitoring and control devices enable organizations to centralize the analytics of their electrical systems, enabling issues to be identified early and ensuring a high degree of reliability and planned downtime.

With an integrated portfolio including emergency back-up power systems, power monitoring and high efficiency motors and controls, our focus is on improving power quality while lowering operating costs, to help medical centers provide the best possible care to their patients. Our experienced project teams and 24x7 emergency service provide our customers with the assistance they need to be up and running quickly and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have a trusted "partner" available to support their electrical systems.

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