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With current industry trends of lower commodity prices, increasing costs, and reduced productivity, GE’s Energy Connections solutions can help squeeze the value from your existing mining operations - controlling costs and fixing the productivity inefficiencies of the past decade.

From pit to port, with our electrification and automation solutions you can achieve higher throughput and recovery with lower maintenance and energy costs.

Our Solutions for Mining

We offer a complete range of electrical drive system solutions for hoist/winder applications designed to help increase productivity and safety while lowering energy consumption and environmental impact.  Our solutions include collecting and monitoring data in and around the pit, and protecting your motors in critical assets. Providing visibility to data helps you perform day-to-day operations and maintenance activities more efficiently.

To enable reduced loading and unloading times, we provide complete electrical systems including fully integrated automation solutions, and a comprehensive range of drive systems for conveyors, cranes and other bulk handling systems. Our solutions support material handling and export equipment used in open pit excavation, transportation, sizing and stockyard management.


Our solutions are integrated throughout the processing stage from crushing, grinding, electrolysis, electro-winning, concentration & tailing to refining & pelletization to increase reliability, flexibility and efficiency of mining operations. Our offering comprises a comprehensive range of power conversion systems including motors and drive systems. From providing secure communications throughout the mine, to protecting the electrical equipment, we have the industrially hardened products to survive in harsh mining environments.

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We design and manufacture innovative, durable and robust electrical equipment for the energy value chain, and have the extensive project experience to deliver complex integrations. Our EBoP systems work seamlessly across a broad range of applications and power generation types including distributed power, renewable generation and thermal power.

Mining Productivity

To operate large mining equipment at high loads efficiently, a secure and stable power supply is essential. Our FACTS solutions such as SVC and STATCOM help to optimize power quality and increase utilization of existing equipment. To secure communications throughout the mine and protect the electrical equipment, we also offer high technology products and services as well as a remote monitoring & diagnostic software solution and services combining process and asset optimization.

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Process Water

Drawing on a full understanding and in-depth knowledge of your processes and challenges, we offer a complete electrical package that can help increase the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your asset, ensuring regulatory compliance whether you focus on  water desalination, transportation or wastewater treatment.



From the delivery of reliable power in remote regions,  to water supply and management, to rail electrification enabling efficient and environmentally friendly transport of mine goods and supplies  —our electrification solutions  cater specifically for your business’ challenges in the most productive,  efficient, and even more importantly, the safest way possible.

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