What we do

From upstream to downstream, we electrify the processes that deliver energy to the world and make everything from extraction to transportation and end-use more efficient and reliable while maintaining
safety.  Our oil & gas solutions improve operational performance, asset availability, 
and system optimization.

Our Solutions for Oil & Gas


We engineer and deliver fully integrated electrical power systems with a strong focus on minimizing downtime. Our industrial strength wireless solutions create the communications infrastructure necessary to monitor, control and optimize the extraction process and with our unique expertise in electrification, GE’s complete, single-source solutions for upstream processes helps deliver greater reliability, increased availability and higher efficiency.

Motors and Generators                              Low Voltage Drives & Control
Medium Voltage Drives                              Data Management Systems
Smart Controls and Sensors                      Electrical Distribution
Software Solutions


Throughout midstream operations, industrial wireless solutions can be used to enable remote control of field instruments including flow, pressure and temperature gauges to maximize transport efficiency. High-performance pipeline-to-storage solutions unleash the power of data management and analysis to optimize yield and reduce downtime. And with high-performance solutions for gas transportation and storage based on an extended range of motors, drives, busways, switchgear and power management control systems, GE provides customized solutions which promote safety, reliability, and provide continuously high process availability across midstream operations, even under the harshest conditions.

Motors and Generators                              Low Voltage Drives & Control
Medium Voltage Drives                              Data Management Systems
Smart Controls & Sensors                           Electrical Distribution
Software Solutions


To meet the harshest requirements of industrial processes, GE’s extended portfolio of downstream application products helps ensure high reliability and operational efficiency.  We offer the right solution of motors and drives to power all types of downstream processes, and monitoring and control solutions to protect critical assets and visualize energy usage. Drawing on in-depth knowledge of industry processes and challenges, GE can help you ensure safe, reliable and continuous supply of electrical energy while keeping operating costs stable.

Motors and Generators                              Low Voltage Drives & Control
Medium Voltage Drives                              Data Management Systems
Smart Controls and Sensors                      Software Solutions

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