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Innovation should not be limited to the commercial space. With GE Energy Connections, electrical innovation extends to the residential industry, making where we call home more efficient and the electricity on which we all depend more reliable. Our solutions protect homes from electrical faults and surges, provide temporary power when needed, allow for remote energy connections and quality monitoring, and enable utilities to maximize overall plant efficiency.

Our Solutions for Residential

Our residential portfolio provides insights to consumers that enable them to better understand their energy consumption and take control of their energy use. Smart meters can provide intelligence on electrical use directly to the consumer and smart appliances receive signals from our smart meters, limiting energy use to when it is truly needed. With real-time information fed to computer and mobile devices right in the home, the consumer is smarter about the energy being consumed and has more control over the energy used throughout the home.

The Industrial Solutions residential portfolio focuses on electrical protection and temporary power. Our whole house surge solution, ground fault solution, circuit breakers and safety switches protect homes from electrical surges. When temporary power is required our generator panels can connect home generators to the electrical system of the home, ensuring continuous operation of critical home appliances during a power outage.

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