Energy Connections @ GE Oil & Gas Annual Meeting 2017
Jan 25, 2017

Each year, the GE Oil & Gas Annual Meeting brings together more than 800 industry leaders who share a vision of the macro issues facing our industry. The program is composed of a plenary session, which sets the tone and provides insights from globally esteemed opinion leaders and industry experts on the changing landscape of the oil & gas industry. This will be complemented by in-depth sessions focused on key technology developments, the pursuit of operational excellence and the digital evolution of our industry.

Technology experts from GE Energy Connections will be on hand to demonstrate how innovative technology and solutions help to deliver, manage, convert and optimize electrical power for customers across multiple energy-intensive industries.

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Reliable innovation for the entire value chain
With our considerable expertise in electrification, exhaustive knowledge of LNG processes, and strong capabilities in high-power systems, GE is driving the development of high-reliability technologies to help meet LNG operator requirements. Our integrated solutions are designed and manufactured to operate efficiently in a technologically complex and regulated environment where reliability, availability, and ease of maintenance are critical. Our engineering expertise, and understanding of the complete process, complimented by our grid integration studies and overall process knowledge, means that you can benefit from an overall enhanced, total system for compressor train processes enabling larger speed ranges delivered by smaller, less power-hungry compressors.

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Turning Knowledge Into Power

Whether it’s electrifying parts of the world that have never had electricity before, providing reliable power for hospitals and other critical facilities when the grid is down, enabling greater use of renewable generation like wind and solar, or providing local communities with greater flexibility in choosing their electricity source and how they use that power, GE’s Microgrid solutions are playing an important role in shaping the utility of the future.

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GE’s SeaStream Insight, the latest marine Assets Performance Management

•              Holistic view of vessel performance, including real-time health checks

•              Greater operational efficiency where failure is predicted before it strikes

•              shift from calendar to condition-based maintenance, reducing downtime and significant maintenance costs

•              Data analytics for energy efficient operations and reporting

•              Remote operator support and intel, easing the impact on downsized teams

GE’s Marine Solution’s latest deployment with Maersk Drilling is a prime example of how digital technologies are shaping the future of the offshore marine industry. Two companies collaborated to boost rig drilling efficiency through big data whereas the project targets a maintenance cost reduction up to 20%.

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Creating the Perfect Hue for a Bright Energy Future

The Future of electricity

Navigating through the Rough Seas; GE’s Digital Technologies Enable Navies to Stay Mission-Ready

GE Signs Key Orders for Integrated Compressor Lines (ICL) for the European Energy Market


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