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  • GE Marine
    Explore our digital marine capabilities
    Our innovative digital tools are enabling vessel operators to make smarter decisions and stay competitive in today’s market.
    GE Marine
  • Change your perspective
    The GuardEon* MCCB can be used in any orientation. Inspired by the way you work.
    The GuardEon* MCCB
  • Energy Connections
    GE Energy Connections designs leading technology solutions for the delivery, management, conversion and optimization of electrical power for customers across multiple energy-intensive industries.
  • Energy Connections
    Distribution: Our portfolio of solutions designed for the distribution industry provide reliability and control for the world’s electrical grid.
  • Energy Connections
    Oil & Gas: A portfolio of industrially hardened solutions engineered for the specific needs of upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas operations.
  • Energy Connections
    Mining: Our electrical solutions for the mining industry provide safe, efficient, reliable power to mines around the world.


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